One If By Air, Two If By Sea…

Beach II

After spending an entire lifetime in and around boats, when the weather begins to change I will inevitably start dreaming about boating. This year I had my first boating dream in the middle of March and almost tossed the boat in the water during the spring heat wave, but heard the word snow in the forecast and chickened out. So after what had seemed like the longest wait ever, yesterday afternoon Scott, Mr. Jackson and I headed down to spend a very lovely evening in Sandy Pond. We weren’t out long, maybe an hour, but the water was like glass and we were almost the only ones on it. We stopped over to a very sandy beach on the shore of Lake Ontario and walked the length of it as the sun sank in the sky and we dreamed about all of the fun we will have in the months ahead. We even caught a fleeting glimpse of Mike Williams (it could have been!) in the sky as we headed back toward the boat. I also made a very short video of the boat ride…If only every night could be so delightful…sigh*


Zebra Muscles

Zebra Muscles in Lake Ontario

Sandy Pond

Sandy Pond in Upstate New York


A very sandy beach on Lake Ontario in Upstate New York.

Sand Dune

Bird Prints

Bird Prints


A very round...almost perfectly round stone.


More low flying planes! Mike Williams, you sure get around!

Dunes II



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