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Sunny Days & Starry Nights in Sackets Harbor



Now that the wedding festivities have died down and everything is back to normal in our world, we have been going through some of the summer photos we never got around to looking at. We came across the following from a beautiful day out on the water and a bunch of photos from our night shot series we had been experimenting with at the time, and thought they were too pretty not to share. We can’t wait to get back out with the camera equipment to explore new destinations!

MuseumBoatNo SwimmingRaccoonPlaneSackets2WakeLight PostSunset GradientRed Sackets SunsetBeautiful Night in Sackets HarborLarge Sunflower at NightSunflower Field at Night Sackets HarborMilky WayGazebo at Night in Sackets HarborStarry Skies


Oswego Harborfest 2012


The moon rises over Harborfest in Oswego, New York.

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of Oswego’s Harborfest Celebration. We stopped down last night to have an amazing dinner at Vona’s restaurant and take some photos of the festivities. Hit the link to read more about Harborfest and to see a schedule of events for the next couple of days.¬†http://www.oswegoharborfest.com/

Harborfest Carnival

Lights shimmer off of Lake Ontario from a carnival during Harborfest in Oswego, New York.


Carnival rides

Bright Lights

The bright lights of the carnival at Harborfest in Oswego, NY – 2012

Harborfest Swings

Carnival rides



The Oswego Harbor during Harborfest 2012


Smoke Stacks

Oswego Smokes compete for center stage with carnival rides that have been set up for the annual Harborfest celebration.

Oswego Harbor

The dreamy Oswego Harbor, looking all glamourous in the moonlight.

Yacht Club

The Oswego Yacht Club light up in the darkness.

The Best Of The Rest


Fireflies at twilight

For every post on I Love Upstate, there are at least a thousand photographs that don’t ever get viewed by any one but us. Since we have collected so many, we decided to share some of our most favorite miscellaneous shots from the past two months. From experimenting with extended exposures to jumping out of the car to get a shot from the side of the road, these shots show what we are doing when we aren’t exploring new territory. We hope you enjoy them!


The Black River


Henderson Harbor


Henderson Harbor at sunset 



Two feral kittens play in the sunshine.


A white rose blooms in Sandy Creek, New York


A hot air balloon rises above The Thousand Islands as we dine at the beautiful Thousand Island’s Club on Millionaires Row.


Another beautiful sunset in Upstate New York


A mound of wildflowers on a sunny day.



Twilight over Henderson Harbor as seen from Sackets Harbor in Upstate New York.


In the early hours of the morning, deer come out to play in a field in Sackets Harbor.


Payne Lake in Theresa, New York


A beautiful night for sailing in Sackets Harbor, New York




Henderson Harbor at sunset


A Thousand Islands sunset


Crossing the Thousand Islands Bridge in the evening as the sun sets on another beautiful day in Upstate New York.

Fly Me To The Supermoon

The Supermoon Over Henderson Harbor

A shot of the Supermoon over Henderson Harbor, New York from around 5am this morning.

I took a few quick shots of the Supermoon this morning around 5am and thought I would share them. How did it look where you are?

Supermoon in Upstate New York

The Supermoon in Upstate New York

SuperMoon Over Henderson Harbor

The SuperMoon Sets Over Henderson Harbor, Upstate New York

One If By Air, Two If By Sea…

Beach II

After spending an entire lifetime in and around boats, when the weather begins to change I will inevitably start dreaming about boating. This year I had my first boating dream in the middle of March and almost tossed the boat in the water during the spring heat wave, but heard the word snow in the forecast and chickened out. So after what had seemed like the longest wait ever, yesterday afternoon Scott, Mr. Jackson and I headed down to spend a very lovely evening in Sandy Pond. We weren’t out long, maybe an hour, but the water was like glass and we were almost the only ones on it. We stopped over to a very sandy beach on the shore of Lake Ontario and walked the length of it as the sun sank in the sky and we dreamed about all of the fun we will have in the months ahead. We even caught a fleeting glimpse of Mike Williams (it could have been!) in the sky as we headed back toward the boat. I also made a very short video of the boat ride…If only every night could be so delightful…sigh*


Zebra Muscles

Zebra Muscles in Lake Ontario

Sandy Pond

Sandy Pond in Upstate New York


A very sandy beach on Lake Ontario in Upstate New York.

Sand Dune

Bird Prints

Bird Prints


A very round...almost perfectly round stone.


More low flying planes! Mike Williams, you sure get around!

Dunes II


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