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Fresh Powder

On Sunday the sun came out and we hopped in the car to see how much snow had fallen the day before. We took a drive up on the Tug Hill, stopped by Dry Hill and Sackets Harbor and found some other people who were as excited to get out in the snow as we were. What a beautiful way to end a year full of adventure. We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

BultonsBeach DryHill Frozen Frozen2 IcyBarn PineTrees2 Skiing Snow SnowFence Snowmobile SnowPanorama




The holiday snow has arrived in Upstate New York and with it a proper atmosphere befitting of the season. The rooftops, pine trees and streets are dusted with a fine layer of powered sugar that sparkles in the sunlight making everything look just a little more magical. So here is to the year that has passed and wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with love and happiness.

With Love,


The National Museum of Play


The National Museum Of Play


The National Museum Of Play


Interesting architecture makes every room more stimulating than the rest.

Usually once a year we head back to our hometown Rochester, New York to catch up with old friends and make new traditions. We always hit our favorite hot spots, Mt. Hope Cemetery (where I always love to take photos in the early morning), a drive down Lake Road, and a local burger joint (take your pick, Orbakers, Bill Gray’s, Charlie Riedel’s or any one of the numerous “Hots” establishments) to get the best tasting cheeseburgers on the planet (that’s no joke). On one excursion back home, we decided to spend a rainy afternoon at the National Museum of Play. Boasting over 150,000 square feet of “dynamic interactive exhibit space” and “the world’s largest collection of toys”, we could have very literally spent 3 days exploring the giant museum with it’s games, displays and completely hands-on philosophy on learning. From the entire set of Sesame Street to glass cases brimming with old school toys from my youth, there is certainly something for everyone no matter what age. For an extra fee, the gorgeous Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden will help anyone beat the winter blues, as you walk through a tropical climate complete with waterfalls and greenery, not to mention what seemed like a million different species of butterflies. It’s really a great place to take the kids, or even just your camera and keep warm inside while the snow comes down outside. One thing that I personally loved about the National Museum of Play was the emphasis that was placed on reading. There were books everywhere, even an entire room dedicated to the Berenstain Bears and a life-size pop-up book. Around every corner there were reading nooks and beanbag chairs with old classics and new favorites filling all of the shelves. For more information, visit the National Museum of Play’s website and discover a world of fun and amusement for the kid in all of us.


Bird Bird waves hello from a second floor window on the set of Sesame Street in the National Museum of Play


An aquarium greets you upon admittance into the museum


A kitty constructed entirely of legos watches over visitors as they walk through the museum


Skateboards = Play!


My spidee sense is tingling...


One of the featured exhibits during our visit was all about comics


Celebrate reading!


Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden at the National Museum of Play


Turtles inside the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden


Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden at the National Museum of Play

A Frozen Swan Song

Swans through the mist

Swans through the mist

On Saturday I went out to photograph Sandy Pond as a recent blizzard had changed the landscape into a winter wonderland. I was surprised and delighted to find a large herd of about 25 swans swimming around where I set up my shoot. They were excellent subjects and didn’t even seem to mind the closeness of our proximity. Perhaps they were just concentrating on how cold it was.

Swans & Birdhouses

Swans & Birdhouses

Majestic Wings

Majestic Wings

The next day I went back out to shoot again and the herd was still in the same place. The pond had frozen overnight and the swans were huddled together on top of the ice. The temperature was around -3.

Winter Birdhouse

Winter Birdhouse. In the background, a herd of Swans huddle for warmth.


Over night the pond froze over and the Swans had to gather on the ice to fight temperatures of -3 degrees (F).







It was -10 out there!

Frozen Sunrise

Frozen Sunrise

Frozen Birdhouse II

Frozen Birdhouse II

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