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Waterfall Hunting


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York.

On the heels of purchasing a brand new remote for my camera, Scott, Jackson and I went out in search of extended exposures. We had one miserably failed attempt at star trails before we decided to start with something a little easier, waterfalls. Our search for the elusive waterfall led us to Whitaker Park in the town of Martinsburg near Lowville, New York. After a short walk down a manicured trail we reached the water and began to walk downstream to find the falls. Lush green plant life dotted with wildflowers climbed the rock walls as the sound of rushing water roared in the background. We probably spent 3 hours playing with the settings on my camera, walking in the water and just enjoying our surroundings. This park is a must for any nature lover or camp enthusiast. For more information check out this post on NYFalls.com, or to view the very affordable camping rates check out this site: http://villageoflowville.org/content/Parks/View/3


Both sets of falls at Whitaker Park in Upstate New York.


Lush greenery lines the walls of the ravine.


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


Extended exposure shot of the fall at Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


A myriad of wildflowers dotted the landscape on the banks near the waterfalls.


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


A channel cuts through the rocks at Whitaker Park in Lowville, New York.


The lower tier of waterfalls at Whitaker Park – Upstate New York.


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


The top tier of waterfalls at Whitaker Park in Upstate New York.


Very delicate and beautiful wildflowers growing in the park.


Campsites sit sporadically under the tall pine trees which makes entering this park like driving into a movie set.


The Very Dog-Friendly, Robert G. Wehle State Park


Mr. Jackson at the Robert G. Wehle State Park in Henderson, New York.

On an uncharacteristically warm Sunday in March, we decided to take a trip to a local State Park to let our dog, Mr. Jackson, stretch out his legs. What we found was not only a very beautiful and unique place to hike, bike and camp, but also the “dog-friendliest” park we had ever visited. Mr. Jackson began foaming at the mouth with excitement as he ran, sniffed, peed and frolicked on the thawing shores of Lake Ontario. The park’s namesake was an avid dog lover, breeder and artist who dedicated his life to sculpture, conservation and English Pointers. Boasting over 14 miles of trails on over 1,000 acres of land, the Robert G. Wehle State Park is the perfect place to spend a sunny day or rent a cabin for a week long vacation.For more information on the park, visit their website: http://nysparks.com/parks/137/details.aspx


Scott shows Mr. Jackson dog sculptures in the visitor center at the Robert G. Wehle State Park

Visitor Center

Visitor Center

Dog Sculptures

Dog Sculptures by Robert G. Wehle

Scary Shack

Moderately creepy shack.


Scampering across a bridge in the distance.

Frozen Cliff Face

Frozen Cliff Face at Robert G. Wehle State Park in Henderson, New York.

Ice Macro


Frozen Ground

Frozen Ground next to cascading runoff.


Trails at the very dog friendly Robert G. Wehle State Park.

Frozen Snakefoot Trail

A very frozen Snakefoot Trail, begins to thaw out as temperatures reach into the low 50s in early March.


Rental Cabin

Seuss Tree

This ice coated tree looks like it has been "Seussed"

Seuss Tree II

Seuss Tree II

Seuss Tree III

Seuss Tree III


As the afternoon wears on, the ice begins to thaw.


Icy trunk.

Frozen Shrubs

Frozen shrubs overlooking Lake Ontario

Frozen Sticks

Frozen sticks on Snakefoot trail in March at Robert G. Wehle State Park.


Icy cliff faces drop down to the cold blue waters of Lake Ontario.

Icy D

More natural ice sculptures on the shores of Lake Ontario, however this time they are at least 50 feet above the shore. Imagine the wind and waves that it took to create that...

Spotter Box

A spotter box on the shore of Lake Ontario.


Signs of life.




Lake Ontario has become increasingly more clear in the last 10 years.

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