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A Change of Scenery


Thompson Park

While the weather in Upstate New York this Autumn hasn’t been remarkable, we did manage to get out this past week on some of the more glamourous days to catch sight of the foliage before it all blew off the trees. Here are some of our favorite shots:

TreeQueen Ann's LaceAutumn In DexterLeaves2MaxfieldSquirrelLeavesMagicFall In DexterField of DreamsLeaves In DexterFrost Part 2YellowJapanese SunsetCrowsDexterFrostBrilliance





Winter’s Here…And It’s Pissed

Friday The 13th Blizzard Upstate New York

Low visibility during the height of the storm on Friday the 13th

After the most mild November and December ever, winter ‘s here and it’s really pissed. ¬†Winter had laid dormant for about 2 1/2 months, but then came in swinging with a one-two punch that left much of northern New York without power.¬†Friday morning started as a downpour and quickly transformed into a monster blizzard designed to torment and confuse complacent Upstate New Yorkers. Jefferson county pretty much shut down around noon and everyone scrambled indoors to wait out the storm. The snow had quickly formed on top of all of the sitting water from the heavy rains, making the driving conditions absolutely treacherous and numerous accidents were reported.

Friday The 13th Blizzard Upstate New York

Tall evergreens weighed down with snow as the temperature drops and the storm retreats

Friday The 13th Blizzard Upstate New York



Photo Of The Day: Big Moose Station

Empty chairs wait for occupants on a fall morning at Big Moose Station

Photo Of The Day: Bad Bird Pun

Baby Birds

Out on a limb, ruffling feathers in Sandy Creek

Sunset Of The Week

Sun steam

Light streams through the clouds, as the sun sets on Sandy Pond

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