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Sunny Days & Starry Nights in Sackets Harbor



Now that the wedding festivities have died down and everything is back to normal in our world, we have been going through some of the summer photos we never got around to looking at. We came across the following from a beautiful day out on the water and a bunch of photos from our night shot series we had been experimenting with at the time, and thought they were too pretty not to share. We can’t wait to get back out with the camera equipment to explore new destinations!

MuseumBoatNo SwimmingRaccoonPlaneSackets2WakeLight PostSunset GradientRed Sackets SunsetBeautiful Night in Sackets HarborLarge Sunflower at NightSunflower Field at Night Sackets HarborMilky WayGazebo at Night in Sackets HarborStarry Skies


It’s 5 O’clock In The Morning


A Sunny Sunday Morning

Into The Woods

Into the woods, Then out of the woods - And happy ever after! I have been listening to a redonkulous amount of Show tunes lately...redonkulous.

Sunday morning showed it’s face with a bright sunny smile in the Adirondack Park this week. The sky was a deep sapphire and everything was drenched in a rich, deep golden glow. As I often do, I found myself driving around looking for scenes to shoot with my favorite co-piolets, Scottie and Mr. Jackson.

Dirt Road

One of a zillion dirt roads in the Adirondack's that lead to something that could be considered kind of charming...or kind of creepy.

From car to boat, we moved into kayaks and took to the water. By land…and by sea!

Morning Moon

A morning moon over a small, quiet lake in the Adirondack Mountains

I love mornings like this!

Photo Of The Day

Casino Island, Alexandria Bay, New York

Casino Island • Alexandria Bay • New York

Photo Of The Day


Moonrise on Sandy Pond.

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