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10 Days & Nights in the Adirondack Park


A treehouse glows in the dark under Adirondack skies, and the Milky Way takes shape overhead.

We recently had the opportunity to spend 10 days and nights in the Adirondack Park relaxing under the stars. There certainly is plenty to do in the Adirondack Mountains; fabulous museums, extreme sports, hiking, climbing, competing, shopping, eating…you get the idea, we however, did none of these things. Instead we kicked our feet up and spent ten days unwinding and catching up with some great friends and family. We covered a lot of ground from Lowville to Inlet, visited a real Adirondack Great Camp, wandered around some of the local towns, and took time to appreciate the details. Of course we never travel anywhere without the trusty camera, and after a midnight encounter with a concerned neighbor, we began choosing our night photography locations a little more carefully. All in all, the trip was a success, and we returned home feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to edit all of the photos we took. Here are some of the highlights:


Chases Lake




A Hummingbird is perched on top of a feeder in the Adirondack Park.


Bird watching out the window of Rusty P’s – a hometown diner in the Adirondack Park.


Berries grow on the shores of Chases Lake in Watson, New York


Adirondack nights under a blanket of stars.


Beaver Lake


Beaver Lake


A real Adirondack Great Camp from the 1920s.


Funky bohemian interior of an Adirondack Great Camp from the 1920s.


Beaver Lake


Fifth Lake in Inlet. Carvings on the donated boards of the public dock denote the names and messages of the people who donated them.


Seventh Lake


Ranger shows a stick who’s boss as the sun goes down on Seventh Lake.


Seaplanes on Seventh Lake


Seventh Lake Lily Pads


Lola is soaking up the sunshine.


Seventh Lake


A bridge on Seventh Lake


Seventh Lake at night


The Lake Fever

Sixberry Lake Panorama

Sixberry Lake Panorama

Open google maps, find a nearby lake and type the closest road into the GPS. That pretty much sums up the last 48 hours…minus a couple of naps and a few hours of editing. We spent an incredibly low key weekend wandering about in search of places we had only ever heard about, but never had a chance to visit. These spots were some of the more quiet local secrets that just happen to be right in our backyard. For two days we drove around finding lakes we had never seen, listening to The Tragically Hip and hopping out on the side of the road to take photos of the scenery. From the Wetland Preserve at Black Pond (also known as El Dorado Beach) to a picturesque lake you would swear was in the heart of the Adirondacks (actually only about 15 minutes from the St. Lawrence River), we caught the lake fever hard…and we don’t care who knows it! Check out the highlights:

Black Pond Collage

Black Pond Wetland

Boardwalk at Black Pond Wetlands

Boardwalk at Black Pond Wetlands

Black Pond Wetlands

Black Pond Wetlands near Henderson, New York

El Dorado Beach

El Dorado Beach near Henderson, New York

Black Pond Wetland Panorama

Black Pond Wetland Panorama, near Henderson, New York


Big Stoney Creek - This shot reminds me of the movie poster for Big Fish


Big Stoney Creek


Black & White Pony near Henderson, New York

Another Sunset in Sackets Harbor

Another Sunset in Sackets Harbor

Henderson Harbor

Henderson Harbor at sunset


Old Barn in Theresa, New York

Shoreline of Sixberry Lake

Shoreline of Sixberry Lake near Theresa, New York

leaves budding

Leaves budding at Sixberry Lake near Theresa, New York

Red Lake

Red Lake near Theresa, New York

Pine Trees at Sixberry Lake

Pine Trees at Sixberry Lake near Theresa, New York

Power Plant in Theresa, New York

Power Plant in Theresa, New York


Black Pond, Sixberry Lake, Henderson Harbor, Big Stoney Creek, Sackets Harbor, Red Lake, Moon Lake, Lake of the Woods

Here’s a link to the Black Pond Wetland/Wildlife Preserve: • Black Pond / El Dorado Beach. The other lakes can all be found on google maps!

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