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RoCo 6×6

RoCo 6x6 - 2010

RoCo 6x6 - 2010

Imagine thousands of identically sized canvases filled with anything but identical artwork. That’s exactly what you will get at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s 2012 6×6 art exhibition. 6×6 refers to the size of every piece of art in the show which is open to anyone…anywhere. The show is free to enter up to 10 pieces per artist and all entries are accepted and exhibited. Entries vary from traditional paintings and sketches to stained glass and sculpture and push the boundaries of creativity. Back in 2010 I entered two pieces in the show and then headed to Rochester on opening night with some great old friends from our hometown. I had no clue what I was walking into. We arrived at RoCo and were met with waves of artwork covering every space. I was astonished at the sheer volume of artwork that flooded in from around the world to play a part in the event. Each piece was tacked up on the wall in a perfect grid that made my OCD beam with pride. Our little group must have spent two hours walking around the space just taking in all the different colors, shapes, styles and disciplines represented on every blank space RoCo had to offer. It was incredible and so inspiring to see all of those different pieces that were created to fulfill the same requirements. I found participating in the RoCo 6×6 exhibition extremely rewarding and plan on participating again this year in the 5th 6×6 to date.

RoCo’s 2012 – 6×6 art exhibition runs from June 2 – July 15th, with all entries due postmarked by May 5. For more information on RoCo’s 6×6 you can visit their site here: Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s 6×6 – 2012, or check out their Facebook page for updates on the far off places and famous faces that are sending in entries for the show.

RoCo 6x6 Artwork

Thousands of tiny masterpieces cover the Rochester Contemporary Gallery

6x6 Favorites

These are some of my 6x6 favorites from 2010

6x6 Clocks

6x6 Clocks


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