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A Change of Scenery


Thompson Park

While the weather in Upstate New York this Autumn hasn’t been remarkable, we did manage to get out this past week on some of the more glamourous days to catch sight of the foliage before it all blew off the trees. Here are some of our favorite shots:

TreeQueen Ann's LaceAutumn In DexterLeaves2MaxfieldSquirrelLeavesMagicFall In DexterField of DreamsLeaves In DexterFrost Part 2YellowJapanese SunsetCrowsDexterFrostBrilliance





10 Days & Nights in the Adirondack Park


A treehouse glows in the dark under Adirondack skies, and the Milky Way takes shape overhead.

We recently had the opportunity to spend 10 days and nights in the Adirondack Park relaxing under the stars. There certainly is plenty to do in the Adirondack Mountains; fabulous museums, extreme sports, hiking, climbing, competing, shopping, eating…you get the idea, we however, did none of these things. Instead we kicked our feet up and spent ten days unwinding and catching up with some great friends and family. We covered a lot of ground from Lowville to Inlet, visited a real Adirondack Great Camp, wandered around some of the local towns, and took time to appreciate the details. Of course we never travel anywhere without the trusty camera, and after a midnight encounter with a concerned neighbor, we began choosing our night photography locations a little more carefully. All in all, the trip was a success, and we returned home feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to edit all of the photos we took. Here are some of the highlights:


Chases Lake




A Hummingbird is perched on top of a feeder in the Adirondack Park.


Bird watching out the window of Rusty P’s – a hometown diner in the Adirondack Park.


Berries grow on the shores of Chases Lake in Watson, New York


Adirondack nights under a blanket of stars.


Beaver Lake


Beaver Lake


A real Adirondack Great Camp from the 1920s.


Funky bohemian interior of an Adirondack Great Camp from the 1920s.


Beaver Lake


Fifth Lake in Inlet. Carvings on the donated boards of the public dock denote the names and messages of the people who donated them.


Seventh Lake


Ranger shows a stick who’s boss as the sun goes down on Seventh Lake.


Seaplanes on Seventh Lake


Seventh Lake Lily Pads


Lola is soaking up the sunshine.


Seventh Lake


A bridge on Seventh Lake


Seventh Lake at night

Waterfall Hunting


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York.

On the heels of purchasing a brand new remote for my camera, Scott, Jackson and I went out in search of extended exposures. We had one miserably failed attempt at star trails before we decided to start with something a little easier, waterfalls. Our search for the elusive waterfall led us to Whitaker Park in the town of Martinsburg near Lowville, New York. After a short walk down a manicured trail we reached the water and began to walk downstream to find the falls. Lush green plant life dotted with wildflowers climbed the rock walls as the sound of rushing water roared in the background. We probably spent 3 hours playing with the settings on my camera, walking in the water and just enjoying our surroundings. This park is a must for any nature lover or camp enthusiast. For more information check out this post on, or to view the very affordable camping rates check out this site:


Both sets of falls at Whitaker Park in Upstate New York.


Lush greenery lines the walls of the ravine.


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


Extended exposure shot of the fall at Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


A myriad of wildflowers dotted the landscape on the banks near the waterfalls.


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


A channel cuts through the rocks at Whitaker Park in Lowville, New York.


The lower tier of waterfalls at Whitaker Park – Upstate New York.


Whitaker Park – Upstate New York


The top tier of waterfalls at Whitaker Park in Upstate New York.


Very delicate and beautiful wildflowers growing in the park.


Campsites sit sporadically under the tall pine trees which makes entering this park like driving into a movie set.

The New York State Zoo @ Thompson Park


The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

Last weekend, we spiced up a drizzly Sunday morning with a trip to the zoo at Thompson Park in Watertown. We met up with our good friend Allison and wandered through the many animal exhibits taking photos along the way. The Thompson Park Zoo features a butterfly house, an otter exhibit and even a nocturnal animal exhibit just to name a few attractions. The zoo cares for a perfect combination of indigenous species and exotic animals creating a wonderful, interactive, and most of all educational experience for animal enthusiasts of all ages. The staff was warm, welcoming and extremely friendly and knowledgable making what was a lovely visit into an extraordinary one. The zoo welcomes guests during their regularly scheduled hours and also hosts a number of community-based events throughout the year. For more information check out their webpage: and for new photos of the animals including the brand new wolf pups (!!!) check out their Facebook page:

Northern American River Otter

Northern American River Otter Exhibit – This otter was so sweet and fun.

Canada Lynx

A Canada Lynx lounges in a tree trunk.




Poppies and other flowers cover the inside of the Heather A. Freeman Butterfly House.


A butterfly stops for a rest on some lovely purple flowers in the Heather A. Freeman Butterfly House.

Purple Flower


A puma scans the horizon as he lazily swings his paw from his rocky perch.


Golden Eagle

A very stern Golden Eagle rests among the foliage.

Bald Eagle

A regal Bald Eagle gives us the stink eye at the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park.


A view of a soggy Watertown from Thompson Park

The Central Park of the North – (aka Saturday in the Park)

Thompson Park Vistas

Panorama from one of the gazebos at Thompson Park

Sound far fetched? There may be a little more truth to this than we know. The famous landscape architect who designed New York City’s Central Park also designed Watertown’s Thompson Park – a piece of trivia that was given to me on two different occasions in the last few days. Who knew? So last Saturday morning, I woke Scottie up at 5 so we could behold the wonders of Frederick Law Olmsted with our very own eyes. Scottie only agreed to get up if we could dedicate at least a small part of the morning to a round of golf, which was perfect considering there is a lovely 18 hole golf course right atop the hill. Unfortunately for Scottie, there was a tournament that day so he was turned away to play another day…and I skipped back to the car. With the golf plans on ice, I got to spend a little more time frolicking around and photographing the lovely scenery and seeing all the park has to offer. Thompson Park features beautiful views of Watertown, picnic areas, playgrounds, a public pool, golf course and zoo, and plenty of shady spots to lounge with a book. For more information and to see some really cool old photographs and post cards of the park visit:

Early Morning Light on Dandelions

Early Morning Light on Dandelions

Sunrise Gazebo

Sunrise through a gazebo at Thompson Park in Watertown, New York

Sunrise Gazebo2

Early morning sun reflects off of a gazebo at Thompson Park in Watertown, New York

Glorious Vistas

Glorious Vistas!

Early Morning Dandelions

Early morning dandelions at Thompson Park in Watertown, New York

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Sunrise Over Watertown, New York

Sunrise Over Watertown, New York

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

Watertown Golf

The golf course at Thompson Park

Sand Trap

Sand Trap

Fields Of Gold

Fields of golden wildflowers near Thompson Park

Fields Of Gold

Fields of golden wildflowers near Thompson Park

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