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War Of 1812 Bicentennial Quilt Show


Colorful quilts all hang in a row in The War Of 1812 Quilt Show in Sackets Harbor

The war of 1812 is a little bit of history that is very important to the small town of Sackets Harbor, NY. Every year they hold a reenactment of one of the battles right on their very own battlefield rife with costumes, camping and cannon fire (you can see some images of last year’s reenactment in my post Flashback To 1812). They even have a local brewery whose most popular beer is 1812 lager. This year, to celebrate the bicentennial, Sackets Harbor hosted a 2 day quilt show featuring pieces created for the 1812 Quilt Challenge. Over 100 quilts were displayed throughout 3 buildings around town that also featured vendors and demonstrations. For more information on the show and the rules of the contest visit the official webpage:…There is also a great blog dedicated to the show where you can see more images of the quilts:

The Seaway Trail Discovery Center

The Seaway Trail Discovery Center in Sackets Harbor

Mom's Quilt

My mom's entry for the 1812 Quilt Show was magnificent! In my opinion, it was the best in the show! Great work, Mom! You're so talented!

Homemade Yarn

Colorful skeins of homespun yarn.

Visitor Center

Visitor Center in Sackets Harbor

Stained Glass Ships

I really loved this quilt. It's thick black lines gave it the look of a stained-glass window. My favorite quilts in the show were all very bold and graphic.

Stars & Bocks

Stars & Bocks


Quilts with ships!


Having lived in Pultneyville for a good portion of my life, I was squealing with delight to see the small hamlet near Rochester represented in my new hometown.


Quilting demonstration


I’m In The Mood…Are You Ready?

I usually hate the holidays, forced socializing, crowded public places, ugly sweaters…This year however, I have been catapulted in to the holiday spirit via an employment obligation that Scott insists on referring to as: The Party Planning Commitee. Basically this means that I spent part of this week preparing for the Festival of Trees in Watertown, by decorating a Christmas tree with a few coworkers.

The basic rundown of the festival as I understand it, is that local businesses purchase trees and decorate them within a set category of themes. The trees are judged and the top rankers are bid on at a fabulously fancy gala in the State Office building this Friday night. The proceeds go to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network and the Watertown Family YMCA.

I was happy to volunteer to lend a hand in designing and decorating our submission to the festivities: The Peacock Tree. I found myself singing along to the Christmas tunes that were blaring out of the speaker next to my head, laughing with my fellow man and genuinely feeling…jolly. It was as if my small grinch heart grew three sizes, Tuesday.

Peacock Christmas Tree

Peacock Christmas Tree

Home Sweet Home

Scott and I made these gold frames on Monday night. They were the perfect addition to our tree.

If you are in need of some holiday spirit, I suggest a stroll through the Dulles Building this weekend. I talked to one of the judges today, who said these decorations were just the very beginning to the transformation the State Office building would see for this weekend. Check out some of these other great trees:

Twilight Christmas Tree

The Twilight Christmas Tree. Sure to please the ladies.

Watertown Daily Times Tree

The Watertown Daily Times Tree was adorn with newspapers and a very classic topper.

Floral and Patriotic

A very floral themed christmas tree along side it's patriotic sidekick



Coke Can

Red, White and Recycled: really cool recycled coke cans make the ornaments on this tree.


Chocolate Tree

The Chocolate Tree had a chocolate fountain topper and wrapped boxes of chocolate as ornaments.

White Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree

Purple Christmas Tree

Purple Christmas Tree

Whimsical Christmas Tree

A very Whimsical Christmas Tree.

The Festival of Trees will be open for FREE (woot woot!) public viewings from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m in the Dulles building in Watertown, New York. This year, I’m not just saying it. I really mean it: I’m in the mood. The holiday mood. Are you ready?

Joy To The World

Joy To The World. Get Ready.

Friends Of Fred Exhibit

A few months ago, I was contacted by the Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, New York to create a piece of art inspired by  Mr. Remington for an exhibit to honor his 150th birthday. As Mr. Remington is turning 150 just a few short days before I also hit a scary round number, I thought it appropriate that we celebrate together so I said yes and immediately began squealing with delight!


Remington's bronze cast of Bronco Buster in the Oval Office. Image from the October 17th, 2010 issue of The New York Times Magazine.

While most renown for his western inspired bronze sculptures, Remington was also an accomplished painter. His nocturne studies are among (in my humble opinion) the most beautiful in his collection. An avid lover of the Thousand Islands region, Remington had a studio on an island in Chippewa Bay and has several works in his vast collection depicting the area.

The End Of The Day

Remington's, The End Of The Day c.1904 which unfortunately for Scott has inspired not only my piece for the show, but whole lot of singing "At The End Of The Day" from Les Miserables

I too am a great lover of the incomparable Thousand Islands, and spent my childhood running up and down the St. Lawrence in a small Boston Whaler and dreaming of the days when I would have a home on it’s shores. It was with all of these things in mind, that I created my piece in honor of Frederic Remington and his birth 150 long years ago.

Singer Castle Nocturne

My final piece: "Singer Castle Nocturne" will be on display at the Frederic Remington Art Museum in the Friends Of Fred Exhibit beginning on Saturday, September 24th.

I began the process with a photo I took of Singer Castle a couple of years ago and used that as the base to digitally enhance the photo into a night scene. Then I “painted” on other effects to give the image the interesting quality that a lot of Remington’s nocturne paintings possess. I spent many sweaty and nauseous nights fretting over weather I could create something worthy of such an honor, but finally after many attempts I came up with a piece that I felt confident in. I only hope Fred would be as proud to have me as a friend as I am proud to be considered among them.

Original photo of Singer Castle (also in Chippewa Bay) I took a couple of years ago.
Singer Castle

One of the original attempts at turning the photo into a nocturne

The Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, New York is truly an enchanting place full to the hilt with the most wonderful, talented and passionate people I have ever met. It has recently been named #4 on the Edmonton Journal’s list “10 Easy Autumn Getaways Near Ottawa, and has the most thoughtful and entertaining Facebook page of any business I have ever seen. The “Friends of Fred” exhibit is one of many special events the Museum has planned to honor Remington’s 150th birthday and opens on Saturday, September 24th at 2pm. For more information on this or any other event planned by the museum, check out their website.

The Fabric & Fiber Arts Festival

Fabric and Fiber Arts Festival

Fabric and Fiber Arts Festival at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.

Last Saturday the Adirondack Museum held their annual Fabric and Fiber Arts Festival in Blue Mountain Lake. The exhibit featured several different disciplines of fabric and fiber arts such as; YARNBOMBING (awesome!!!), lace making, rug hooking, quilting and felting, to name just a few. There were women there doing everything from spinning wool to creating fine art mixed media pieces using textiles.


A "Yarnbombed" SUV fit for a debutante ball.

I stopped by the lace making demonstration and spoke with Holly Van Sciver, as she so carefully and gingerly wove threads that were almost translucent to make the most delicate lace I had ever seen. I asked her how she ended up as a lacemaker, to which she responded with such an interesting story, that it is the one very prominent thing that stands out to me about the entire festival. Ms. Van Sciver told me that when she was a junior in college, she went to London to study abroad for the year. As a way to make friends, she decided to enroll in a night class, where she had arbitrarily chosen Lace Making and it changed her entire life. She now owns and operates the largest distributor of lace making materials in the world. (For more information on Holly Van Sciver’s business, Van Sciver Bobbin & Lace @


A billion little bobbins lay in wait for their turn to weave, as Holly Van Sciver creates a true masterpiece, Lace.

At one point my mother, an experience and award-winning quilter, took stock of the things we had seen at the festival and said, “It is amazing to see all of these women who are so talented in each discipline finally get honored as artists and celebrated for their talents”. It’s always so nice to find unexpected joy in the success of other women. I am always so proud and profoundly touched by the amazing things they can do.

Garnet Firestone

If you haven’t been to the museum before, it is a real treat…and I don’t mean that in a snarky sarcastic way. The landscape alone is reason enough to make the trip. A cornucopia of flowers sits a top a stone fence as you look out over islands, lakes and mountains. The walkways are dotted with “firestone”, amazing black rocks, with blossoms of natural garnet exploding everywhere. There are a ton of exhibits including an entire building full of wooden skiffs and a house completely furnished with birch shelves, beds, tables and chairs. The best part of the museum? Residents of the Adirondack Park are admitted for free on Sundays! I love a cost effective adventure! Want more info on the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake? Check out the link:

Adirondack Museum

The beautiful landscape of the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake

Devastating Flooding In The Southern Tier

Even “I Love Upstate New York” has been touched by the flooding in the southern region of the state. Our friend Dusty and his family lost their home and their business to the flood waters. Please watch the video and pass on the link. Even that simple action could help these people out.

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