Tug Hill Vineyards


The picturesque Tug Hill Vineyards

Comfortably nestled among the windmills of the Tug Hill Plateau lies yet another hidden gem in the north country, Tug Hill Vineyards. The quaint and charming winery features a rustic adirondack décor, panoramic views of the Black River Valley, and gardens that would make an english cottage jealous. Over 14 acres of grapevines mixed with hundreds of raspberry and blueberry plants adorn the 40 acre property that surround the winery. We stopped in for a tasting of Tug Hill Vineyards’ array of wines after a day of hiking and waterfall climbing at the near by Whitaker Park. For a very small fee ($3) we tasted 6 wines and learned about grapes, wine and the Tug Hill Plateau from our very knowledgable pourer. Afterwards, we hopped in one of the winery’s golf carts and took a spin around the vineyard. The view was spectacular, and we had a blast hopping in and out of the cart while we photographed the fruit, the scenery and the beautiful (and very friendly) dogs that guard the vines from deer and other animals. On the way out, we grabbed a few bottles of wine and made reservations for Sunday brunch the next morning. The brunch buffet was incredible. Baked ham, apple smoked bacon, florentine scrambled eggs, vegetable lasagna, homemade chicken soup, pies, cakes, french toast and so many other delicious choices were laid out for the taking as we dined out on the screened-in porch overlooking the Black River Valley. Thick glass mugs of perfectly brewed coffee and hot chocolate decorated our table as we feasted on the sweet and savory creations. We left with our bellies full thinking of how we should spend the rest of the day climbing the waterfalls to burn off the excess. This is a spot we will be returning to again and again, not only for the amazing food, but also the beautiful scenery, lovely décor and very friendly staff.


Windmills on the Tug Hill Plateau.

Tug Hill Vineyards features “you-pick” berries and grapes from July to October, the wine cellar (open daily for tastings), brunch every Sunday and “Wine Down” – hors d’oeuvres, occasional live music and wine – every Thursday evening. For more information, event schedules and more check out their website: http://www.tughillvineyards.com/ or Tug Hill Vineyards’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tug-Hill-Vineyards/171573137379


Blueberries and grapes ripen in the sunshine waiting to be made into fruit wines for next season at Tug Hill Vineyards.


You-pick raspberries, blueberries and grapes make Tug Hill Vineyards fun for the entire family.


Fresh flowers and thick glass mugs filled with hot coffee dot the tables that overlook the Black River Valley during Sunday brunch.

Tug Hill Vineyards

Award winning wines, gifts and apparel are all for sale in the Wine Cellar at Tug Hill Vineyards.


One of the three very friendly dogs that roam the vineyard, scaring away deer and other animals.


Tables feature ice buckets to keep your bottles chilled while you enjoy the warm summer sun.


Raspberry Bushes


Gardens at Tug Hill Vineyards


Beautiful scenery.


Panoramic views of the Black River Valley.


Inside the wine cellar.







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