Flowers & Candy…It Must Be Love.

Jams and Jellies

What is the difference between a jam and a jelly? I’m dying to try the F.R.O.G. Jam!

I love the idea of a small country bulk foods store. I love the smell of all of those herbs and spices mingling with the scents of warm wood floors and fresh flowers. It is such a sensory experience, and stopping at places like that always puts me in a good mood. So, imagine my delight last Saturday after a long morning of a lot of exploring and just a little coffee, Scottie and I dropped by The Little Barn Bulk Foods store on Route 3 in Watertown on our way home.

As we pulled in, we were met with a beautiful assortment of hanging baskets, bursting with a variety of flowers of every color, size and shape. Glorious! I bought two! Inside Scottie and I went skipping through the isles plucking out a bag of licorice we haven’t stopped talking about yet and sizing up the sub counter for a return visit. There were dips, jams, herbs, spices, a very colorful rack of flavored yogurt covered pretzels, cheese curd (mmmmm) and a million other things just waiting for us to try. We didn’t have much time between outings so our stop was cut short. Grabbing a flyer on the way out, we giggled together with our mouths full of licorice and our trunk filled with flowers at how good an impromptu stop on the way home can make you feel.

For more information on The Little Barn Bulk Foods store “like” their Facebook page.


Flowers at The Little Barn Bulk Foods store


The Little Barn Bulk Foods – isles of candies and wicker baskets filled with dip mixes.

Local Honey

Local Honey at The Little Barn Bulk Foods store.

Yogurt Pretzels

Cheerful multicolored flavored yogurt covered pretzels.


One of my two new hanging baskets has taken up residence on an old white wicker chair in the corner of my deck.


We decided to stop in to see our friends at the Little Barn Bulk Foods Store over Memorial Day Weekend, and what did we find…




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