Village Gate

Imagine a mall unlike any you have ever seen. A mall more like an art gallery than a galleria. A place where you can go to appreciate sculpture, paintings and design as you shop in funky little stores and eat in quaint restaurants. Fiction? Not quite…

Village Gate Mall

Village Gate Square in Rochester, New York

Village Gate Square in Rochester boasts all of these things and more. An art community more than a mall really, Village Gate plays host to small specialty shops (jewelry, antique, book and collectable stores), art galleries, designers, professional artists, marketing firms, computer companies, restaurants and bars and even loft space. Every inch of the converted warehouse space is filled with color and imagination. You could lose yourself for an entire afternoon just wandering around the atrium.

Village Gate Square is part of Rochester’s Neighborhood Of The Arts (NOTA) program and is located within a very short walking distance of other art community staples of the area like The Memorial Art Gallery, The George Eastman House and the International Museum of Photography. The center has been one of my favorite places to visit ever since the first time my mom brought me there as a little kid, and continues to be a place that Scott and I visit regularly when we return home. We put it at the top of our list of cool places in Upstate to spend an afternoon. For more information, visit Village Gate’s site:


Even in the parking lot you can tell that Village Gate Mall is unlike any other. These murals cover an entire side of the building and greet you as you walk in from the parking lot.


The gate at Village Gate is like no other. The organic lines make it look as if it were plucked from the ground and dipped in molten iron.


Sculpture in the courtyard.

Courtyard Blossoms

Spring brings the courtyard to life as trees blossom and sculptures line the path to one of the mall entrances.

Courtyard Head

A large sculpture of a head sits under the blossoming trees in the courtyard at Village Gate Mall in Rochester, New York.




The atrium at Village Gate Mall in Rochester, NY.

Atrium II

The atrium at Village Gate Mall in Rochester, NY.


A large sculpture in the atrium.


Funky creatures made from found objects hang down from the ceiling into the atrium and create a magical and eclectic space.

Light Post

Colorful light posts create a playful atmosphere as you reach the landing on the second floor of the atrium.

Light Post II

Light Post II

Light Fixture

Funky light fixtures adorn the walls as you reach the stairs that bring you to the second floor of the atrium.


An colorful fountain in the atrium.


Clouds painted on panels to look like skylights across from real skylights.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs


Paintings hang from the ceiling on the second floor of the atrium

Office Space

A glorious loft / office space on the second floor of Village Gate Mall.


Outside of the comic store you will find tables "for gaming only"...all others will have to roll the 20 sided die of fate.

Village Gate Square

Village Gate Square


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