Half Pint

Half Pint Pub

Half Pint Pub on the corner of Park and Oxford in Rochester, New York.

After we left Village Gate Square, we took the opportunity to wet our beaks at what may be the cutest little bar in the city. Half Pint is located on the corner of Park Ave and Oxford which is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the area. The bar’s clever name refers to it’s small stature, but what the pub lacks in size, it makes up for in décor, atmosphere and beverage selection. We bellied up to the long wooden bar and ordered a couple of Angry Orchard Hard Cider’s that the bar had on tap and took in all the beautiful details inside the small building. Bold black chandlers that exude a warm glow set the mood in the space which is accented with rich tones of mahogany and leather. There was plenty of seating at the bar and the small tables around the main room and 90’s alternative music played at a very conversation friendly volume. All in all our stop at Half Pint was one of the highlights of our trip to Rochester and we would both recommend stopping in for a drink if you are in the area.

On Tap

On Tap

Inside Half Pint

Inside Half Pint

Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures

Half Pint Pub II

What may be the teeny tiniest little house is now a trendy, yet quaint neighborhood bar...in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the area.


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