A Frozen Swan Song

Swans through the mist

Swans through the mist

On Saturday I went out to photograph Sandy Pond as a recent blizzard had changed the landscape into a winter wonderland. I was surprised and delighted to find a large herd of about 25 swans swimming around where I set up my shoot. They were excellent subjects and didn’t even seem to mind the closeness of our proximity. Perhaps they were just concentrating on how cold it was.

Swans & Birdhouses

Swans & Birdhouses

Majestic Wings

Majestic Wings

The next day I went back out to shoot again and the herd was still in the same place. The pond had frozen overnight and the swans were huddled together on top of the ice. The temperature was around -3.

Winter Birdhouse

Winter Birdhouse. In the background, a herd of Swans huddle for warmth.


Over night the pond froze over and the Swans had to gather on the ice to fight temperatures of -3 degrees (F).


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