I’m In The Mood…Are You Ready?

I usually hate the holidays, forced socializing, crowded public places, ugly sweaters…This year however, I have been catapulted in to the holiday spirit via an employment obligation that Scott insists on referring to as: The Party Planning Commitee. Basically this means that I spent part of this week preparing for the Festival of Trees in Watertown, by decorating a Christmas tree with a few coworkers.

The basic rundown of the festival as I understand it, is that local businesses purchase trees and decorate them within a set category of themes. The trees are judged and the top rankers are bid on at a fabulously fancy gala in the State Office building this Friday night. The proceeds go to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network and the Watertown Family YMCA.

I was happy to volunteer to lend a hand in designing and decorating our submission to the festivities: The Peacock Tree. I found myself singing along to the Christmas tunes that were blaring out of the speaker next to my head, laughing with my fellow man and genuinely feeling…jolly. It was as if my small grinch heart grew three sizes, Tuesday.

Peacock Christmas Tree

Peacock Christmas Tree

Home Sweet Home

Scott and I made these gold frames on Monday night. They were the perfect addition to our tree.

If you are in need of some holiday spirit, I suggest a stroll through the Dulles Building this weekend. I talked to one of the judges today, who said these decorations were just the very beginning to the transformation the State Office building would see for this weekend. Check out some of these other great trees:

Twilight Christmas Tree

The Twilight Christmas Tree. Sure to please the ladies.

Watertown Daily Times Tree

The Watertown Daily Times Tree was adorn with newspapers and a very classic topper.

Floral and Patriotic

A very floral themed christmas tree along side it's patriotic sidekick



Coke Can

Red, White and Recycled: really cool recycled coke cans make the ornaments on this tree.


Chocolate Tree

The Chocolate Tree had a chocolate fountain topper and wrapped boxes of chocolate as ornaments.

White Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree

Purple Christmas Tree

Purple Christmas Tree

Whimsical Christmas Tree

A very Whimsical Christmas Tree.

The Festival of Trees will be open for FREE (woot woot!) public viewings from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m in the Dulles building in Watertown, New York. This year, I’m not just saying it. I really mean it: I’m in the mood. The holiday mood. Are you ready?

Joy To The World

Joy To The World. Get Ready.

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6 responses to “I’m In The Mood…Are You Ready?

  • Dad

    Andrea – the new camera is taking some nice pictures. I supect the operator my have a little to do with it also. I enjoyed the trees. Merry Christmas.

    • aparisi13

      Thanks, Dad! I wish you guys were here. I think you would really enjoy walking around and looking at all of the decorations! I haven’t been this excited about the holidays in the last 10 years, at least!

  • Donna Parisi

    Great Photos!! I loved the trees, but I really loed the “snow” around the frames!!!

  • tita buds

    I really enjoyed scrolling down and looking at all the little details on the trees. Your peacock-themed tree is gorgeous (love those frames, too). In answer to your question, yes, I am ready and in the mood for Christmas, haha. Or at least our house is. (There’s still all the shopping for the nieces and nephews to be done, ack.) :)

    • aparisi13

      Thanks, Tita! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I am really pleased with how the peacock tree turned out! I love collaborating with other people on projects like this one. I got a lot of great projects out of it too. I took some time-lapse footage of the tree being decorated and created a DIY tutorial on how to make the gold frames. Look for them shortly!

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