Talcott Falls Cemetery


Fall near Watertown Center

Our Sunday morning adventure brought us to Watertown Center where the trees are just beginning to change and the light looked more like a fairytale than reality. We took a couple of back roads and literally stumbled right onto a tiny, ancient cemetery sitting right on top of a small crooked knoll. It looked like most of the stones had death dates in the early 1800’s. Judging by the sign, and after a little google research, I have brilliantly deduced there are some waterfalls around this cemetery somewhere. I am going to head back over that way sometime to see if I can find them. Until then, check out some shots I took there this morning and how unbelievably good Mr. Jackson was being in the car (for the first time ever).

Talcott Falls Cemetery

Talcott Falls Cemetery

Talcott Falls Cemetery

Light streams down through the changing trees on an ancient cemetery near Watertown Center


One of the co-pilots, posing politely with paws crossed


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