The Best Dinner…Ever.

The Brew Pub

The Sackets Harbor Brew Pub.

Last night, Scott and I had dinner at The Sackets Harbor Brew Pub. It was the best dinner we have had in a really long time, so I thought I would highlight it briefly.

The Brew Pub is a brewery and restaurant in the heart of Sackets Harbor which features handcrafted beers and gourmet cuisine, not to mention a bitchin’ view of the harbor from their dinning room. They have without a doubt, the best wait staff I have ever encountered at a restaurant and are open all year long, unlike many of the other businesses in Sackets. They feature a trivia night on Thursdays and beer tasting every day of the week. For all of these reasons and more, The Brew Pub is our favorite place to eat. For more information, menus and hours check out their site:

Steak Salad

Steak Salad Caprese with fillet mignon, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes...

Scallop Stack

Seared Scallop Stack on top of a goat cheese fritter with roasted red peppers and sprouts.


Chilled White Zin...

Dinning Room

Beautiful views from the dinning room


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