Home Sweet Home

Sackets Harbor, New York

Sackets Harbor, New York

Hello there! My name is Andrea and I am a sassy go-getter and graphic designer who lives and plays in Upstate New York. My boyfriend, Scott and I share big adventures with our little dog, Mr. Jackson all over the Upstate area. We have spent so much time discovering our surroundings that I wanted to catalog it and share it with the world! In this blog I hope to highlight all of the most beautiful parts of the upstate area showcasing what these towns have to offer and the adventures we find in them. Where better to start then our current hometown? Our story doesn’t start in Sackets Harbor, but it is a stop along the way. I took these photos on a boating trip from Sandy Pond to Sackets Harbor in the middle of July. Sackets is a place that I plan on returning to again and again to highlight the beautiful and unique architecture, shoreline, quaint and exquisite restaurants, unbelievable historical sites and a myriad of scheduled activities and festivals! For right now however, I would just like to say hello and welcome. I hope you will love Upstate New York as much as we do!

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